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  • Founded in 1885, our firm is built for the future.

  • We have a long history in providing state-of-the-art legal services to national and international insurers, institutions and governments.  We have a team of experienced lawyers across multiple practice areas in both Vancouver and Kamloops.  We cover western Canada and beyond.

    Our Insurance Law Group is Chaired by Harmon C. Hayden, an internationally recognized leader in the field who has focused on insurance law since 1983.  We offer services in all insurance areas including:

    • Coverage
    • Construction Cases
    • Property and Casualty Claims
    • Landslides and subsidence
    • Class Actions
    • Commercial Errors and Omissions
    • Social and Commercial Host Liability
    • Sports and Recreation Liability
    • Product Liability
    • Extra-provincial Motor Vehicle Liability
    • Institutional Liability/Sexual Abuse
    • Directors and Officers Liability

    We are proactive, responsive, creative, and cost-effective.

    In addition to serving insurers and institutions, we are also pleased to provide insurance services to our wide group of personal and corporate clients and other law firms in coverage disputes, professional liability, excess claims, and the mediation of such disputes.


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    Tel: 250.372.5542
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    Tel: 604.266.0342
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