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  • Life can change in the blink of an eye. If you are a victim of an accident resulting in a brain injury, it is critical to ensure your health is in the right hands. Our Personal Injury team has represented hundreds of clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. We understand the degree to which a person’s life can be literally turned upside down. The impact on their ability to work, to care for themselves, or to simply organize their thoughts to obtain the treatment they require.

    From the moment we are retained, we assist our clients to obtain the care and services they require to minimize their stress and maximize their potential for a full recovery. We have established a network of medical experts that we work closely with throughout the course of our representation of our clients. Occupational therapists are typically retained immediately after our client’s injury to perform  home and workplace assessments and to make recommendations for equipment and other services that are required. We then seek funding and placement of those recommendations in an effort to provide the optimum environment for our clients to heal. Once our client’s recovery is complete, we retain neuropsychologists and other brain injury specialists to conduct specialized medical assessments to ensure that the full impact of our client’s injury is well  understood before any settlement of their claim is contemplated.

    Our goal is to assume all of the stress our clients feel from the accident and the legal claim and to provide our clients the ability to direct all of their energy and attention on their recovery. The consequences of a brain injury can be devastating. Brain injuries are challenging cases that require experienced legal counsel with specific expertise in brain injury litigation. Please contact a member of our Personal Injury Team for a free consultation.

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