• Associate Committee
    • Dan Carroll, Leah Card, Sam Dabner, Tyson McNeil-Hay

    Responsible for monthly roundtable lunches with associates, to answer questions and provide insights.

    Note: at this time, this committee is limited to lawyer participation. 

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

    Members: Ana Barragan, Ayla Salyn, Bex Binder, Jessica Vliegenthart, Kait Methot, Keiko Bolen, Tana Jones

    See Fulton EDI initiatives HERE.

  • Mental Health Committee

    Members: Alicia Swanson, Cheryl McDonald, Devin Buchanan, Fiona McDonald, Kait Methot, Leah Card, Sam Dabner

    See Fulton Mental Health initiatives HERE.

  • Marketing Committee

    Members: Cheryl McDonald, Hal Hicks, Jessica Vliegenthart, Leah Card, Tana Jones

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  • Spirit Committee

    Members: Amanda Thompson, Amy McIntosh, Chelsey Mack, Dan Carroll, Kait Methot, Karla Crellin, Rianne Jeeves Bunting, Tana Jones

    See our Social Calendar HERE.

  • Student Committee

    Members: Ayla Salyn, Casey Neis, Dan Carroll, Graham Mack, Hal Hicks, Jessica Vliegenthart, Kait Methot, Sam Dabner, Stephanie Leong.

    Note: at this time, this committee is limited to lawyer and management participation.