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  • About Fulton and Company

  • Fulton & Company LLP is a multi-service firm servicing clients throughout the province of British Columbia. Established in 1885 and continuing with its main office in Kamloops, the firm also maintains offices in Vancouver, operating as Fulton & Company Law Corporation. The firm provides a wide range of legal services to individuals, businesses of all sizes and institutional clients, including local governments.


    Fulton & Company has a longstanding tradition of legal excellence, personalized service, and value.

    Legal Excellence

    Fulton & Company professionals are dedicated to continually developing their individual practices and expertise. These dedicated individuals take a team approach to serving clients, who benefit from our comprehensive legal perspective.

    Excellence in legal services depends on excellence behind the scenes. In management and mentorship, we maintain a commitment to strong legal education, efficient administration, and wise use of technology.

    Personalized Service

    At Fulton & Company, clients come first. We want you to feel understood, cared for, and well-served. That means we offer personalized services and strive to gain a clear understanding of your business, your legal issues, and your legal objectives.

    We place great importance on good communication throughout the course of your legal matter. We get to know you and your business so that we can not only address your current issues but also make beneficial recommendations in other legal areas.


    Fulton & Company’s commitment to excellence and service comes with a commitment to efficiency. We do this by combining a team approach, common sense, good communication, and tight file management.

    We coordinate our resources for your benefit, giving you access to diverse services in a cost-efficient manner. Files are staffed according to the necessary level of expertise, providing value to clients and letting our staff focus on what they do best.

  • About Fulton


    In 1885, shortly after British Columbia joined Confederation, English lawyer William Ward Spinks arrived in Kamloops by stagecoach to establish the first law office in Kamloops. As the region expanded, Spinks was named Deputy Sheriff and High Bailiff for the Kamloops District. In 1889 Spinks was appointed the first County Court Judge for Yale County. He travelled his circuit by horseback throughout the vast area of Yale, Okanagan and the Kootenays.


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