Serving British Columbians since 1885.

Beginning as one-man-shop, our firm has now grown to one of the largest in the BC Interior, with approximately 30 lawyers and 75 support staff, working from in offices in Kamloops and Vancouver.

We provide a wide range of legal services to individuals, businesses of all sizes and institutional clients, including services in:

Fulton Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity and being a welcoming workplace where people feel comfortable being themselves, and where they have equal opportunity to fulfill their potential.

We consistently identify and evaluate the diversity and needs of the Fulton team and the wider community.

We prioritize diversity and inclusion in decision-making conversations and processes, internally and externally, including aspects of:

  1. talent recruitment and selection,
  2. internal promotions and growth,
  3. task allocations, and
  4. assessments and performance evaluations.

Our Fulton EDI Committee monitors accountability for completion of diversity and inclusion actions within the Fulton team.

Legal Excellence

Excellence in legal services depends on excellence behind the scenes. Our people are dedicated to continually developing their expertise. We take a team approach to serving our clients, who benefit from our comprehensive legal perspective. In management and mentorship, we maintain a commitment to efficient administration, and wise use of technology.

Personalized Service

Our clients come first. We want you to feel understood, cared for, and well-served. We get to know you and your goals, so that we can not only address your current legal issues but also make recommendations to help you reach your ultimate personal and/or business objectives.


Our commitment to excellence and service comes with a commitment to efficiency. Our team coordinates resources for your benefit, giving you access to diverse services in a cost-efficient manner. Files are staffed according to the necessary level of expertise, and we operate with common sense and tight file management front of mind.