With this in mind, we help our students develop and apply their legal skills in a practical, team-based setting.

We support our students and encourage them to explore a wide variety of practice areas, helping them realize their interests and skill sets.

We seek candidates with a proven record of academic achievement and an extra-curricular or employment background that demonstrates creativity, drive, and passion.

Our students are welcomed into our collegial firm atmosphere; we enjoy daily lawyers’ coffee, regular socials and participating as a firm at community events. Students are highly encouraged to immerse themselves in the Fulton culture.

Our students’ successes become our firm’s success.

Note: We are currently only hiring students for our Kamloops office.

Articled Students

Each articled student is assigned a principal who is responsible for mentoring their student and guiding him or her throughout the year. The principal will answer questions, review drafts, and provide advice and suggestions to make the student’s experience challenging, comfortable and rewarding.

Articled students are also encouraged to seek guidance and assistance from the associates and partners in our various practice groups. We believe in an open-door policy – all associates and partners welcome the opportunity to work with articled students.

Summer Students

We typically hire at least one second year student for each summer. Our summer students work alongside our articled students and are exposed to the same variety of files. Summer students receive support from an assigned principal who will work with them to determine interests in specific types of law and develop practical skills.

Historically, the vast majority of our summer students have received offers for articling positions following the completion of law school.

Current Students
Gabor Fekete

Gabor Fekete

Articled Student

T: 250.372.5542
E: gfekete@fultonco.com

Hania Malik

Hania Malik

Articled Student

T: 250.372.5542
E: hmalik@fultonco.com

Lucas O

Lucas O'Fee

Summer Articled Student

T: 250.372.5542
E: lofee@fultonco.com

Jacob Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence

Summer Articled Student

T: 250.372.5542
E: jlawrence@fultonco.com

  • When are Application Deadlines?

    Articling Students – Deadline: June 30.  Application packages should consist of a cover letter, resume, undergrad transcripts, law school transcripts, and references and/or reference letters. Our Student Committee will conduct interviews mid-July, and offers of employment will generally be made by the end of the interview week.

    Summer Students – Deadline: Tuesday immediately following Labour Day in September.  Application packages should consist of a cover letter, resume, undergrad transcripts, law school transcripts, and references and/or reference letters. Interviews will be conducted mid-September.

    Email your application to: Kait Methot, HR Manager, kmethot@fultonco.com.

  • How many hours will I be expected to work?

    We don’t set billable hour requirements for students. Students will work regular business hours augmented by additional hours as and when the work requires it. Our expectation and goal is to ensure a comfortable balance between work and personal/family time.

  • What is the Articling Student salary?

    We review articling salaries annually to ensure that they are competitive in our local market.

  • What are the office arrangements?

    Our firm maintains a high level of technology with an established internal program of review and upgrade. Students are provided with an office, administrative support, digital dictation, dedicated desktop computers and access to laptop computers. We provide training in and access to numerous electronic research tools, specialized legal software, our extensive permanent library collection and precedents from the firm’s various practice groups.

  • How many of your articled students actually receive offers?

    We take student recruitment very seriously and aim to hire our future partners. In fact, most of our current partners articled at Fulton and have spent their entire careers here. While we regularly hire back students as associates, we need to ensure Fulton is the right fit for you.

  • What if I have additional questions?

    Feel free to reach out to: Kait Methot, HR Manager, kmethot@fultonco.com.