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Legislative Update | Revision to the Local Government Act

By Fulton Co (posts)

The Provincial Government has recently announced proposed revisions to the Local Government Act.

The purpose of this revision is not to change the Act in any substantive way, but merely to reorganize it with the goal of improving “readability” and “usability”. The Act has undergone numerous amendments, particularly when the Community Charter was adopted in 2004, and as a result the Province felt that the Act in its current form was unwieldy, and reorganization was necessary.

The Province has published a Table of Concordance, which helps users navigate their way through the proposed revisions by showing which sections of the old Act correspond to which new sections of the proposed revised Act.

The Table of Concordance can be found here.

On November 16, 2015, the proposed revision bill was referred to a committee of the legislature for consideration. We anticipate that the committee will approve it, in which case it may be brought into force at any time by way of regulation.

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