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New Cannabis Legislation – Local Government Workshops

By Denise McCabe (posts)

On April 13, 2017, the federal government introduced legislation to decriminalize and regulate the recreational use of cannabis (otherwise known as marijuana) in Canada. The target date for implementation is July 2018, and during the interim provincial and local governments will be under significant pressure to develop and implement regulatory regimes for such matters as: distribution and sales, public consumption, minimum age restrictions, zoning and business licence requirements, fire prevention and safety protocols, to name a few.

One matter of some importance to local governments is the fact that storefronts (such as cannabis dispensaries and tasting rooms) remain unlawful unless and until the federal legislation is brought into force and/or permissive regulatory regimes have been adopted at the provincial and local levels. If the US experience is replicated in Canada, local governments can expect a proliferation of these cannabis operations, in advance of the legislative implementation.

Fulton & Company is offering two separate workshops: one intended for elected officials and one intended for senior management. Each workshop will:

  • Provide a brief history of cannabis prohibition and legalization, both in Canada and elsewhere around the world;
  • Discuss the intent and effect of the new federal legislation;
  • Provide an overview of the matters that will be subject to provincial and local regulation;
  • Discuss various strategies employed by other local government jurisdictions: What works?What doesn’t? What’s at stake?
  • Explore options and strategies for your community.

Please contact Denise McCabe if you are interested in scheduling a workshop in your community:

Denise McCabe | Senior Advisory Counsel
Direct: (250) 851-2364 Mobile: (250) 318-0126
Email: dmccabe@fultonco.com
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