Casey Neis

Casey Neis

Associate / Kamloops

Casey is discerning.

Always pondering the most complex issues, Casey sincerely enjoys finding ways to improve the quality of other people’s lives. She’s an innate “ideas person” who enjoys hearing different viewpoints to expand and compliment her own. Bringing this comprehensive perspective to her legal practice, Casey strives to draw connections and synthesize the moving parts of law and business for her clients’ benefit.

Focusing her legal practice on local government law, business and real estate transactions, and intellectual property law, Casey believes in listening to understand, rather than listening with the intent to respond — she ensures she appreciates the full breadth of an issue before offering a solution. Whether it be advising local governments on complex matters or helping her clients start or grow their businesses, Casey has her clients’ best interests in mind at all times.

Having grown up in Kamloops, Casey particularly enjoys seeing the community develop and is always looking for ways to grow connections. Away from the office, Casey is an avid gardener, a slowly improving golfer and a fantasy football enthusiast. She believes puns are the highest form of humour, that sampling craft beer is a real hobby, and is always challenging her own value system.