Jocelyn Marquette

Jocelyn Marquette

Associate / Kamloops

Jocelyn wants to help.

With a genuine passion for helping others, Jocelyn prioritizes her clients’ needs by ensuring they feel heard and supported. An easy-going nature and effectiveness even in difficult situations make Jocelyn a trusted advisor.

Focusing her practice in Family Law and Wills and Estates Law, Jocelyn works through disputes and implements proactive measures to navigate complex issues. Dedication to her clients’ well-being with a personalized approach sets Jocelyn apart as a professional who consistently provides innovative, practical solutions.

Growing up in small-town Saskatchewan, Jocelyn has a deep appreciation for community connection. When not in the office, she participates in local events or seeks new outdoor adventures, particularly those involving camping and hiking. Passionate about understanding and supporting social initiatives, Jocelyn often works to create a more supportive, inclusive community.