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Spinal cord injuries (SCI) change everything. Spinal cord injuries require a huge team effort to get life back on track. Our team has personal experience with spinal cord injuries – we understand the multi-factoral support necessary to live a successful life with spinal cord injury. Support for SCI comes in the form of occupation therapy, physical therapy, kinesiology, vocational therapy, recreational therapy, home support, home renovations, and more.

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most complex cases because of the multiple body systems affected. Our team is experienced in handling all kinds of spinal cord injury cases, and we are ready to help you regain your life.

Brain injuries take many forms. Some are immediately apparent and others manifest over time. Assembling the proper care and support team following a brain injury is critical. Support for brain injuries comes in the form of occupation therapy, physical therapy, learning supports, home support, and life skills training.

Brain injuries are some of the most complex cases because of their invisible nature – brain injuries often do not show up on medical imaging. Our team is experience in handling all kinds of brain injury cases, and we are prepared to help you regain your life.

Should a tragic situation place you or your family in need of a Wrongful Death legal team, our lawyers have experience in handling these cases with the care, empathy, and diligence needed to ensure the best outcomes possible.

Wrongful Death claims are guided by British Columbia legislation, and a clear understanding of the intricacies is essential to a claim’s success. Where the deceased party was a financial contributor or caregiver to the family, it may be possible to recover for the loss of that person’s contribution to the family unit.

Our legal team has handled many Wrongful Death cases with the care, compassion, and legal expertise required. We help families move forward as best they can.

Often people walk away from an accident and think “I’m fine” only to discover as the days and weeks pass that they continue to struggle. Traumatic accidents have more than physical effects. Often, symptoms like PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression can linger long after bumps and bruises have healed.  And unfortunately, many insurers take the stance that unless and injury shows up on medical imaging, the injury doesn’t exist.

Our lawyers are experienced with psychological injuries. We regularly work with counsellors, psychologists, occupational therapists and more to assist our clients to move forward with their lives. Psychological injuries are some of the most hotly contested legal cases, and an experienced team is key. We are you psychological injury team.

Orthopedic Injury means any injury involving a broken bone. These injuries result from many different kinds accidents – car accidents, slip and falls, bicycle accidents, sporting accidents, intentional assaults and more. Because of the varied nature of the kinds of accidents involved, an experienced legal team is key.

Orthopedic injuries often heal with lingering symptoms. Chronic pain, diminished mobility, and weakness are common long after orthopedic injuries have healed. Support for Orthopedic injuries comes in the form of physical therapy, massage therapy, kinesiology, chronic pain modalities, chiropractic care and more. Our lawyers have years of experience with orthopedic injuries.

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