Employment Law

  • Our Employment Law Team Lawyers:

  • We provide employment law advice to clients in virtually all industries and professions.

  • Employment Law Experience and Expertise

    What we do for work is part of who we are. Those we employ in our businesses gain our trust and make our businesses profitable. As a result, workplace disputes cause emotional turmoil for employees and management and can affect business and personal relationships.

    The resolution of issues and problems in the workplace requires experience and a balanced approach. We provide employment law advice to both employers and employees, which allows us to understand both sides of an issue. By understanding the issues from both perspectives and having the experience to apply that knowledge, we can assist our clients to achieve the best possible resolution.

    Where a resolution is not possible without the intervention of the courts, we have the experience to successfully litigate your employment law cases.

    Expertise in this practice area includes:

    • Wrongful dismissal
    • Employment Standards Act
    • Human rights
    • Workplace harassment
    • Labour law
    • Employment contracts and contract disputes
    • Human resources management advice

    Representative Experience

    • represented a group of employees of a large company to recover pension benefits denied to them on their termination;
    • advised numerous businesses (both large and small) on employee terminations and human resource management issues;
    • advised local governments on employee terminations and human resource management;
    • guided municipalities through the process required to terminate municipal officers;
    • represented numerous employees who have been dismissed from employment without notice.

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