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    John Grover

  • Our Kamloops Family Law team understands that family is an extremely important and sensitive part of our lives. This sensitivity can make family-related legal issues particularly challenging due to the range of emotions involved. Whether seeking legal assistance for a separation, an adoption, or a marriage, finding a family lawyer that understands the fragile nature of these situations is critical to making a successful transition.

    Our team consists of three very dedicated individuals whose focus revolves around the needs of our clients. This team includes family lawyer, John Grover and his two legal assistants, Michele Salter and Linda DeCicco. This close-knit team knows what it means to work together for the sake of our clients. We emphasize the importance of listening to our clients to determine their needs and priorities in order to create a custom tailored solution.

    • Our expertise in this area of law includes:

      • Divorce Settlements
      • Family property and debt
      • Separation agreements
      • Cohabitation and marriage/prenuptial agreements
      • Child support
      • Spousal support
      • Custody and parenting arrangements
      • Child apprehension
      • Adoption
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    John personally manages each client file and takes the time to fully understand each client’s unique circumstance. He seeks to guide his clients through decision processes by ensuring they are aware of all options and corresponding ramifications. He prides himself on being approachable, responsive and practical.

    With a wife and two children of his own, John understands the challenges of relationships and parenting. Currently, John coaches skiing, soccer and hockey. He is also active in the business and Kamloops community, having served on the boards of the MS Society, Bar Association, YMCA-YWCA and Triathlon Club. These experiences have taught him how to identify issues clearly and early on, as well as how to resolve them effectively. In situations where issues can be resolved through negotiation, John aims to develop speedy, workable solutions; however, where this is not possible, John is known for assertively representing his clients’ interests in court.

    Clients are encouraged to speak with John about their issues, and can receive an estimate based on the details of their case. Fulton & Company conducts regular fee comparisons (in the Kamloops area) and can advise that our fees are generally equivalent to or just below the industry standard.

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