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  • Our Real Estate law practice provides quality services in all types of real estate transactions in varying real estate sectors.

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  • We provide real estate law service to a wide variety of clients, including developers, investors, local governments, financial institutions, homeowners, landlords and tenants.  We are experienced with commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential and aboriginal real estate transactions, including but not limited to:

    Land Development

    • Subdivision
    • Road dedication and closure
    • Statutory Rights of Ways, Covenants, Easements, and Statutory Building Schemes
    • Zoning
    • Joint Ventures
    • Strata Development
    • Real Estate Marketing (Disclosure Statements)
    • Construction and Home Building

    Transactions & Conveyancing

    • Purchase and Sale of commercial land and buildings, residential complexes and single family dwellings
    • Leasing
    • Mortgages and Re-financing
    • Options to Purchase and Rights of First Refusal
    • Land Title Office and Registry (including First Nation and Indian Lands Registry)

    In advising and carrying out real estate development work and transactions, we place a particular focus on client service. This means that we:

    • ensure we clearly understand not only our client’s instructions, but also our client’s end objectives;
    • anticipate potential pitfalls and work with our clients to address and avoid these;
    • provide both fee and time estimates when requested;
    • communicate with a frequency determined by our clients;
    • ensure that if any circumstances change during the course of our work, we inform our clients in order to obtain any revisions to our instructions; and
    • return all calls and emails promptly when our clients need to contact us at any time during the course of our work with them.

    We also place emphasis on identifying any potential challenges and risks in a transaction, and in providing creative and innovative solutions to problems and investment goals.

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